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Want to sit and chat with an eternally amused archaeologist? Whether [written] , [action], or [voice]. Just remember, if you're going to dance with the devil, best bring good shoes.

Examples That were completely not ganked from Sanji-kun

[March 15, Action]
[March 15, Voice]
[March 15, Written]
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[Robin looks quite serene today, though those who have known her will notice a certain glint in her eye that spells trouble. It is high time she gets one certain thing straight in her life]

Hello, Luceti, and new feathers. Welcome to our little town where you will both make wonderful friendships and suffer traumatically for making them. However, that's life, ne? It will all work out in the end. [after we break them in half like twigs]

Speaking of trauma, however, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to kidnap a certain longnosed sniper, who is fond of elaborate stories but not so much of mushrooms. I was thinking a baited trap of some sort and briefly considered an arrow to the knee but that may be going a bit far. I do want to keep him around, after all.

[in other words, Usopp... 1, 2... Robin's coming for you. There is nowhere to run.]

Log 1(6)

Aug. 2nd, 2013 04:37 pm
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[For most of the day, Robin will be in the library. There is a sign tacked on the door reading:

Those with outstanding fines or books overdue two weeks or more will be severely penalized in three days time. It's recommended you take care of this now. ~Robin Nico. Head Librarian.

She herself will be inside the library all day, awaiting frantic returns and/or deposits before someone comes to remind her that she is going to be late for dinner again. Feel free to stop by at any time.]
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[She had thought she was going home. Everything had been that way and she'd felt light. As if she could fly. She'd thought she was going home. She had been able to smell the sea. Feel the rush of wind and for a moment her heart was open and then it was the sea but not her sea and when they dragged her out they wouldn't let her go.

It had hurt but she had endured. She had twisted and writhed and heard the cries of others but she was still strong...and then broke by gradual degrees. It was too long. She was too alone.

Now she is outside. She can feel the air and the smell the trees, feel the blood itching over her skin and her leg aching and bent, splinted with hands. It's dark. Absolutely dark. Even though she can feel the sun on her skin. There is nothing there but black.

She fumbles for the journal with one hand and finds it, opening it trying to gauge where things are with shaking fingers. She's not even sure if it's working. She can't tell and anyone might see but...she has no other choice.]

Marco...? Sanji...? I'm alright, but please...find me.
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[and then there were three. Robin will sound somber though faintly amused.]

Well, then. It seems that Zoro has gone home. Let's hope he actually gets there, ne? There are many terrible places between here and home. But...on the other hand, he might enjoy that.

[A soft barely audible sigh]

To those on the draft and those waiting for others to come home, good luck. To everyone else... [a brief silence and the sound cuts off with a faint click]
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[Robin is sitting at her desk with a curious dog in her lap. Yes, that is a mustache. She looks neutral though the dog looks faintly worried--or perhaps constipated--it's difficult to tell]

For those who don't know, Marco has been kidnapped. Let's hope he comes back as something bearable, ne? But I would prepare for the worst. The Malnosso have been too kind lately. [She pets the dog's head lightly as if this doesn't bother her overly much]

A lesson to all you new feathers, the Malnosso will come for you one day without fail. There is no fighting them yet, though of course you should try. Don't allow yourself to be taken easily. However, when that time comes, you will be taken in--experimented on, tortured perhaps--you may remember it, you may not. You may be changed, you may not. Either way, your existence will be altered.

Though, on the bright side, the effects are usually temporary. After all, there's no point in permanently incapacitating a test subject when they are needed for further use.

[Locked to Norma]

I don't know if I will see you before Marco returns, but he wanted to let you know he loves you. Take care, ne? And if you need anything don't hesitate to call me.

[and with that she closes the journal]
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My world has a hidden history. For the span of 100 years, the slate is blank. There is nothing official written. There is nothing official allowed to exist. At least, not that I know of. Instead, there are poneglyphs. Ancient writings which tell the history of my world. The true history. That is supposed to be kept hidden. The government will do anything to make sure that these poneglyphs are never discovered let alone understood.

Some know too much already, but will do anything to learn more, uncover the entire secret even by risking death. Though not entirely alone now, ne? [and she will become quiet a moment]

Next month it will have been a year here. Time has stopped, of course, but I wonder if I will remember the shape of the letters and the sounds they make or if it will fall into the void.

Forgetting is too easy sometimes, isn't it?

To those who know me, I may be absent for a few days. But don't worry, I'll return.

Some things are never forgotten.

[A little while later there will be this message filtered to Sanji]

Sanji-chan. I know you probably wouldn't but if you hurt Marco you're going to have to deal with me. [and she smiles]
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[Robin will be out and about in the afternoon, wandering here and there all over the village. Feel free to meet her pretty much anywhere, though the fountain and the library are her habitual spots, she will come to Seventh Heaven around evening to see who is to be seen. It is her last great run of exploring the new 'guests' before hiding away in her room. Truly, the variety of people are wonderful, but dizzying at the same time. the end, perhaps, they will have gone home, perhaps.]
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[On Day One, Robin will open the journal and look faintly bemused... Though she's been waiting for the distraction.]

Well then, this is interesting. There seems to be Alabasta outside my window. [how familiar]

I hear pyramids are often rigged with death traps, curses and murder. [An open invitation to go exploring with her]

Days 1-2

[Either by going into a pyramid or falling through an unseen pit of sand, you will find Robin in the tombs, investigating hieroglyphs, treasures or mutilated mummies.]

Day 3

[Robin will be on a not really tame Mammoth, exploring the chilly countryside and might offer rides to weary passersby or, then again, might ignore them completely]

Days 4-5

[Robin will be relaxing in the Shogunate, you may find her reading under a cherry tree, dressed in the local wear though she does have an eye (or several) open in case of ninja]
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[The video appears on Robin, looking up at her as she is sitting on her windowsill, despite the chill in the air. The wind stirs in her hair before she speaks]

Living here is hard on everyone it seems. People are changed. People flow in, go home, die and are restored. The Malnosso have us forget one another, betray one another, even forget ourselves and yet we live on broken in our own way.

[She glances down at the journal]

But we are all united here. Wether or not we wish to go home or we call this our home. Whether we love or hate it. We all exist for the same reason. For our friends. To find something better. But whether dark or light, living in silence or in grief only divides us. [She remembers broken nakama too much. It is almost too hard to bear sometimes because there is no reason to be]

There should be a place to talk about this. The fears, the joys, the grief...who we miss. Who we are glad have gone. A place without judgement or worrying whether or not you will cause concern. In order to live. In order to survive we must understand one another and we must not be afraid of the truth--whatever that might be.

[She will stare at the journal more as if contemplating what to say, then kills the feed. Then she leaves the window to make her rounds about town and will ultimately end up in the library. She may seem a bit preoccupied but feel free to approach her, and never mind the cat tail, that will be gone soon enough]
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[She wakes up in the middle of the forest. It is hard to tell what time of day it is but things seem to be more alive. Everything is moving. It is then she realizes she is somewhat...changed.]

[Well then, this is interesting. She tries to speak, but only comes out with a faint meow. How frustrating. Finding her journal she flips it open with a swipe of a paw, and sees that the writing function has been disabled. Of course it has. But you may, if you are fortunate, see a black cat staring down at you until she flips the book back shut, picks it up in her mouth and trots villagward.]

[Feel free to meet her any where, including journal pings. Replies will come from [personal profile] toujourschatte]
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Well then. It seems I'm being taken. [The sound of something metallic breaking]

Marcchan, the book on the north window. You'll know the one.

Everyone else... Don't--
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[You will see Robin sitting in her bedroom, glancing at the journal. It could seem like it was accidental, as if she was reading something else]

Strange how it seems both quiet and crazy these days, ne?

[Much quieter than she likes. Much quieter than she's used to]

Tell me your stories. Any stories so long as they are true. I want to know what Luceti is like. I want to know who you are. It could be fun.
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[Have an image of Robin, sitting at her desk, her cheek propped up on her hand as she smiles faintly into the camera.]

Well then, it seems that Luffy has returned home. So be prepared to have things be quieter than normal. Maybe he will return here one day and maybe he won't.

[She hopes for the latter. He belongs on the sea. In the New World. Not here in this landlocked experiment. This prison. A second chance at life or not, they are all just puppets here and anyone who leaves, Robin feels, will be better off. Especially her captain.]

I am sure we will all miss him. [Because there is that, too. She will, and she knows her nakama will, but partings are always the hardest.] But perhaps this is for the best, ne?

[OOC: Robin will be hanging around house 6 for most of the day though eventually she will go for an hour or two for the library. Feel free to spot her either place]
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[Well, this isn't right. Smoker can't immediately put his finger on it. He's been back to himself only a couple of days after being shrunk, but still, this isn't his room. He goes to light up a pair of cigars, only to find he has none. None. This is the worst thing ever. Yes, even worse than being a child or a woman... oh. Are those boobs? Yup. Joy. He would have thought the Malnosso would be bored of this after last time. Still, at least he's taller this time, though he has no idea what to do with it. Whatever, luckily he's dressed and not even in New Feather garb, so he'll just go find some cigars and then find where he is. Or even vice versa if he absolutely has to. Time to grab his journal. Or at least the one he mistakes for his being as it's right next to him where it always is.]

I'm out of cigars and it seems the Malnosso didn't leave me my jacket this time. Lessons are delayed until I get more. And some damn coffee.

[Who knew Nico Robin's voice could sound so vulgar.]

[Responses will be coming from Justicefluers! Volunteers to try to tackle him to keep him from smoking in Robin's body are welcome, though he'll be smoking every chance he gets anyway.]
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[There's a troll in your dungeon Robin in your bedroom. Don't get too excited Sanji certain people, she is not there for your entertainment. Perhaps the Malnosso are just messing with her, or perhaps she's just messing with you. In either case, she's obviously a new feather, judging by her garb, but then again perhaps not.]

[Ooc: Time breakage and thread-napping are great. have fun, kids]
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